The Best Kept Secret

 Although I can’t take credit for discovering it, I recently spent the weekend at a place none of my friends have heard of.  The Gervasi Vineyard in Canton, Ohio. I know, I know…it sounds totally random. A winery situated amongst the corn and soybean fields of Ohio?  Yep! And…It. Is. Awesome!

We arrived in Canton on a Thursday evening around 6 PM.  As we were following the directions on our GPS, my husband asked, “Are you sure we are going the right way?”  We were driving through a neighborhood and Mrs. Google was telling me we would be there in five minutes. Not your typical winery.  Nevertheless, we arrived.

As we drove through the beautiful iron archway, the lights of the buildings welcomed us on a rainy and snowy evening. Once again, it is Ohio.  Sometimes we use the heat and air conditioning on the same day. We checked into the office next to a coffeehouse by day and a cozy bar by night called The Stillhouse.  There was live music playing and guests were enjoying drinks and a warm fireplace. There is also an attached distillery where Gervasi makes its own gin, bourbon, and vodka. 

We decided to head to our villa and get settled.   We parked our car and walked into a Tuscan inspired common room.  The common room was surrounded by four private rooms, each one with its own fireplace!  We were delighted. A bottle of wine and antipasto plate awaited us, but we decided to explore first.

We headed over to one of the three restaurants on property called The Crush House.  The Crush House has a beautiful bar and restaurant and also houses the wine making operation of the vineyard.  We decided to have a quick cocktail and appetizer before we headed back to the villa. The bartender was engaging, knowledgeable, and even gave us the recipe to the yummy cocktail we were enjoying. After the drive, we were beat so we went to our home for the next couple of days to enjoy our wine and antipasto.

In the morning we were treated to one of Gervasi’s specialties, breakfast brought to your room.  We had a plate for fresh fruit, a croissant, and a baked egg dish. What a wonderful start to a day!

One of the great benefits of Gervasi is that it is only about 40 minutes from Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  I know! Another surprise, Ohio has a national park. We spent Friday exploring the park in the rain, but watch for an update on that adventure  in another post.

Friday afternoon we made our way back to Gervasi.  We walked around the grounds a bit, and then cozied up next to our fireplace to rest and do some reading.  Friday evening, we had a reservation at Gervasi’s four star restaurant called The Bistro. We arrived a bit early so we could have one of their delicious cocktails at the bar.  The young bartenders were again extremely engaging and helpful. They explained the wine list to us, and then made suggestions of which signature cocktail was the best. We each tried one of the bourbon cocktails and were not disappointed!

Once our table was ready, the waiter explained their signature dishes and gave his personal suggestions.  We ended up having a scallop appetizer, an amazing seafood pasta with noodles made in house, and a chocolate and caramel brownie dessert with vanilla gelato.  We have traveled all over the United States and eaten at many delicious restaurants in Columbus, but this was the best meal we have had in years. The attention to detail and ingredients was amazing.

Unfortunately, the next day it was time to depart but we decided to make the most of our day.  We had our delicious breakfast and checked out of our room at 11:00. On Saturdays there are wine tours in the afternoon.  At noon, we arrived at The Crush House for their free tour. Luckily, we were the only couple attending and were treated to a private tour.  Although it is a small operation, we were able to see how the wine is made and learn all about the process. We stayed for lunch in The Crush House and again had a very delicious meal of salad and short rib sliders.

Our weekend at Gervasi was really amazing.  The staff is interested in making every detail of your stay perfect.  All the food we had was delicious, and our room in the villa was cozy and delightful.  We loved it so much that we plan to go back for our anniversary in August. Gervasi is definitely a hidden gem in Ohio. Life is a party.

10 thoughts on “The Best Kept Secret

  1. My hometown! Have been there several time for music on the patio. It is gorgeous & food is wonderful! So glad you & Mark had a good time!

  2. Kristy – Brian and I went to gervasi a few months ago to celebrate our anniversary (I had been there for a girls weekend several years ago). It has grown to include the new Still House and the new Casas. It was just what we needed! Our room in the Casa, the food and service was fantastic and the grounds are beautiful. So glad you shared so that others can see how great it is.

  3. I’m not fond of wine but MAN this looks lovely! And I love CVNP. Maybe a trip to the winery and a bike ride along the towpath trail when we’re allowed to do these things again. Thank you for sharing and using these weird times so productively and positively.

  4. Kristy, I love that you have decided to write a blog. I began writing on Caringbridge for a year and then started my own wordpress blog where I continued detailing the “life of a nut” for almost six years. Writing is very cathartic and so is art. You are an inspiration to so many. God’s plan for you continues to unfold. You and Mark remain in my daily prayers.

  5. All too often, we feel the need to get away and sometimes overlook what’s in our own backyard! Gervasi sounds lovely.

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