Road Trip Adventure

About ten years ago, my husband and I decided that instead of buying “things” to fill our lives,  we would focus on experiences to do that.  For us, the main experience became travel.  We love finding out about new restaurants and events in our great city.  It is amazing what you learn when you approachContinue reading “Road Trip Adventure”

The Best Kept Secret

 Although I can’t take credit for discovering it, I recently spent the weekend at a place none of my friends have heard of.  The Gervasi Vineyard in Canton, Ohio. I know, I know…it sounds totally random. A winery situated amongst the corn and soybean fields of Ohio?  Yep! And…It. Is. Awesome! We arrived in CantonContinue reading “The Best Kept Secret”

Meet Kristy

My life has always been about the party.  Adulthood, a demanding career, and parenthood interfered in this a bit, but I still managed to find life extremely amusing.  I love traveling, learning new things, cooking delicious food, and ANYTHING that makes me laugh. I am VERY happily married to the love of my life (that’sContinue reading “Meet Kristy”

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