I Choose Happy

My family always laughs at me because the smallest things give me pleasure.  Listening to my Lucky dog snore, a squirrel peeking in the window, the first tomatoes in my garden, my hamster of happiness button (don’t ask, just click the link)…pretty much anything!  These examples are not the sole keys to lifelong fulfillment, but they bring smiles to my daily life. 

It seems to have been a challenge for many to find an easy way to be “happy” in 2020.  We are going through a hell of a year, it seems the small pleasures are about all we have to look forward to.  I would love to be wise enough to tell you how to find your daily happiness, but it is a personal mission.  I guess all I can say is to keep your eyes open.  When my husband and I both lost our fathers less than four months apart, we were obviously a family in crisis.  We were all grieving.  My children had never lost anyone close to them and they were both in the throes of adolescence.  It was rough.  But something my husband said at that time has always stuck with me.  Look for the signs.  They are out there, they just may not be what we are expecting.  It is different for everyone, but things would happen, and my husband would say, I think God is sending us a sign. “Take a minute to be happy!” We just need to look…and listen…and be still.  Simple advice, but so hard to do. Not to be a downer, but that was the same year I was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer.  So, 2020 isn’t looking too bad to me!  The only symptom I had was in my best case a pulled muscle, or at worst case gallstones. (Thanks WebMd!) Obviously, wrong on both counts.  I believe that God…or dad…or both, sent me a sign.  “Go to the doctor, Kristy!  Wake up!  Quit worrying about stupid stuff and take care of yourself!” 

People tell me “I am brave”, because I remain positive while I endure such a diagnosis.  I am not brave.  I just don’t really have another choice.  There is no “second” option.  So I keep going. I look for signs.  I choose “happy” and look for my daily dose, just like I take my “medicine”.  It is out there, friends.  Enjoy the party.

4 thoughts on “I Choose Happy

  1. Thanks for the wise words of advice. Makes so much sense, yet we frequently struggle to follow this advice. Thanks – we all needed to hear this.

  2. You are so right! Our brains are a muscle just like any other. If we train our brains to look for the good, then it’s easier to find. I’m not a believer in magical or positive thinking; at the same time, I do believe we can influence our outlook through habits and practice. Thank you for the examples! Perfect illustrations of your point. ❤️

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