My Obligatory Dog Post

You knew it was coming.  The obligatory dog post. Most people who have a pet love to talk about them.  What is it? Why are we all so obsessed with our pets? Is it like this in other countries or just the USA?  My pup, Lucky, is sitting here right now dozing on the sofa. My fingers are itching to grab my phone and take a picture, but my camera roll is FULL, and I mean PACKED  with pictures of my Lucky dog. Ask yourself, “Do you have more photos of your animal or your children?” If the answer is the latter, then you know what I am talking about.   There has always been a dog in my life since the day I was born. My parents are dog lovers during my life and had five Irish Setters, and now have an Irish Doodle. My husband and I are on Golden Retriever number three.

All three of our dogs have been rescued.  The first, Gus, was an impulse buy at the Humane Society on a gray February day.   We were newly married twenty-somethings who worked way too much to own a dog.  But we did it anyway because we were young and stupid. Thank goodness my father-in-law came over every day to let him out.  He was a great dog and we were hooked. Gus was with us for 12 years and helped us learn how to be adults.

We waited a few months after we lost Gus to get our next Goldie.  Sky came from a local rescue called Golden Endings.  When we brought Sky home, I was like…WHAT DID WE DO?  We had two small children, still worked way too much, and went from a 12-year-old laid back Goldie to a one-year-old, young, crazy dog!  With a great trainer, Mark Frederick, it all worked out. She was bred to be a hunting dog and we loved watching her stalk squirrels in the yard.  She was an excellent family dog for the next 12 years. She helped us raise our kids and watched them grow up.

Then along came Lucky.  We lost Sky the Summer after I was diagnosed.  She was a great comfort during those early days and we were devastated to lose her the following June.  I needed a buddy to follow me around the house. Life is out of balance without a dog. With the kids now in their teenage years, I wanted a puppy.  My husband voted for an older dog, but he loves me very much, and we got our puppy. Of course, he does all the hard work! Gets up early, walks the dog, picks up dog poop, and so on.  You know the drill.  

We named him Lucky because we felt we needed some comfort and luck.  A breeder had surrendered him to a vet because he needed a surgery and wouldn’t likely make money off of him.   Luckily, the vet knew a kennel owner who rehabilitated dogs and she took him in. We paid for the surgery and brought home a healthy puppy!  I have to say, Lucky has made my world a better place. All my dogs have made my world a better place, but a life changing cancer diagnosis brings dark days.  Suddenly retiring from a much loved career brings dark days. Raising teenagers brings dark days. Covid 19 pandemic brings dark days. We all have dark days. Lucky does nothing but bring the light. He is my comfort dog.  That is why he was invited to the party. Dogs bring the balance back when we didn’t even know it was missing. I feel fortunate to have him and have you know him. Life is a party, my friends. 

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My favorite ball! I carry it all around with me, begging anyone who is there to throw it.

My favorite toy! I love to play chuck-it for hours in my back yard…or front yard…or at the beach…

My favorite treats! But who am I kidding, I am a Goldie and I love all treats.

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  1. Its soo nice to he is loved by a loving family! My two, whom are rescued as well are the same bread as lucky.

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