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Hello friends! This is a call out to all of you to send me prayers, love, and light. I am going in Monday to have a procedure called Y-90. It is a similar process to angioplasty but instead of the heart, they will go to my liver. The plan is to put glass beads containing radioisotopes into the large tumor in my liver, essentially zapping it from the inside out. The surgery is minimally invasive, but my prayer is that it will work and get rid of that last stubborn tumor. Wouldn’t that be amazing? So put your power out there friends! I believe all the positive energy you have sent me over the years is working! I just reached my 2 and half year survival date and life if good. You are all awesome, and my healing would not be possible without you. Keep putting love out in the world, my friends.

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  1. We love you Kristy! Sending love, hugs, and prayers to you from the Owens Family!

  2. You have been moved to the top of my prayer list. Please keep us posted. Sending you 💗.

  3. Hello! I just found your website today by way of a support group I have joined. I LOVE your energy and the many ways in which you share it. And you came to me at time of need. I am receiving chemo every other week for colon cancer that has metastasized to my liver. I was diagnosed in September and began treatments(I hate this word now) in October. The chemo is doing its job and my colon is clean and the lesions on both side of my liver have been shrinking. The only real pain in the a** is the neuropathy in my hands and feet. I’m taking Gabapentin and it has lessened a bit. Oh and the dry lips- Aquaphor!!!!!! So in finding you and reading your last entry- I was just referred to give intervention radiology a go. I would love to hear of your experience and why you chose to do it.
    THANK YOU for your kindness, your joy ,your candor and your positive energy. Sending all goodness to you.

    1. Hi Sarah! I am so glad that I could help in my small way. I just had Y-90 done July 6th on the largest blood vessel feeding my tumor. The procedure itself was a breeze. I just felt tired and a little sore for a few days. I need to go back and have the smaller blood vessel blocked in about a month. It is too soon to see how effective the treatment will be. I see my oncologist next week and the radiation oncology a week later so I hope to know more then. I will keep everyone updated! Feel free to reach out anytime. We all need a team of supporters to get through this.

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