Words from Lucky 4/10/2020

Mom said people enjoyed her story about me the most. I think this is a little cheesy but I know you are all bored so… I am a smart dog so none of that “dog speak” that you hear on other videos. Have some respect, people! That is not what our brains sound like! It is fun having my people at home all the time but it is making me so. very. tired. They expect to be entertained all the time and I really just like to have an afternoon nap. Plus, the grown up people get up early and the teenage people don’t go to bed until morning! What the bark?!

Dad is expecting me to fetch all day long with my chuck-it. I tried to hide this morning. He found it adorable, but I really was just trying to get some rest. He brings me outside and says I am helping in the yard. Must be code for “loyal companion”.

Anyway, I am doing my job and being a good dog. I hope your dogs are too! I could use some entertainment myself so post a picture of your dog in the comments. If your dog is a good dog, check out some of my favorite things below.

Love and slobber kisses, Lucky

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